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Our Kurds

What Makes Them Different

If you make cheese curds in Wisconsin, you better make them right. That’s why we’ve spent years perfecting ours. From the moment the curd is hand-breaded to the moment it hits your fryer or oven, you can be sure that you’re getting a carefully crafted curd that will have your customers asking for more.


We carefully bread each batch by hand to ensure the perfect ratio of breading to cheese.

More Cheese

Our cheese is the star of the show and, boy, do we let it shine.

The Freshest

We bread our curds the day they’re made to lock in freshness and our signature flavors.


Our curds have a low moisture content so you can say “goodbye” to fryer blowouts.

No Preservatives

Our curds are preservative-free and farmer-certified, rBST free.

2-Minute Fry-Time at 350°

Our fast-frying curds absorb minimal amounts of oil to ensure each bite is as crispy as the last.

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We are the “Home of the Original Hand-Breaded Cheese Curd.” The Big Cheese. The original curd is our best-seller because people love a good classic. Made with natural, flavorful, farmer-certified, rBST-free milk, our original curd lets you enjoy the curd in its purest form. A true staple for any restaurant looking to get a bit cheesier.

Our jalapeño curd kicks things up a notch. Because who doesn’t love cheese with a kick? Made daily with fresh jalapeños and a dash of razzle-dazzle, these curds are sure to spice up your menu. Suggested pairing: college rival football game and a pack of ravenous fans.

Our garlic curd is the ticket for any Italian joint, pizza place or garlic-enthusiast. Made with fresh, whole cloves, the taste of garlic pops in the mouth with each steamy, gooey bite. We like to think of it as a mozzarella stick’s cooler older brother.

This is not your average bakeable cheese curd from the grocery store with too much breading and the taste of cardboard and fish sticks. Our oven-ready curds are lightly breaded, packed with cheese and great for any rapid-cook, high-speed commercial oven or hybrid microwave oven! The crispy crunch of a fried curd that you love without the need for a fryer.